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Carpet CleaningAn Oriental rug is an authentic piece of art. The centerpiece to any room, these handmade rugs draw the eye and make a dramatic statement. Timeless in their elegance, classic in their style, a true Oriental carpet is always tasteful. An Oriental rug is not just a fashionable adornment in your home, it will become a treasured family heirloom that is passed from one generation to the next if it receives the proper loving care.

The term “Oriental rug” truly only applies to those carpets which are entirely hand woven or hand knotted. The time and craftsmanship devoted to these pieces is remarkable. They may be created in many diverse areas of the world including China, Turkey, and India. There are several different subdivisions of Oriental rugs, but they are generally classified by where their maker resides and each region where they are produced has their own unique style.

One well known subdivision is the Persian carpet. Produced mainly in what is now known as Iran, examples of these carpets have been found which date back to ancient times. Today, these carpets still enjoy a robust popularity. They are most often made of wool, although silk has also been used since the 16th century. Wool carpets tend to be the more resilient choice, and many people choose to hang silk carpets on a wall, displayed as a work of art.

Nepal, India, and Tibet are all exporters of Tibetan rugs. These rugs are typically made from sheep’s wool, and once again, hand knotting is the true hallmark of these authentic Oriental rugs. The unique, ancient techniques used to produce these rugs is unlike the process of rug making anywhere else in the world, making Tibetan rugs a valuable addition to your home’s décor.

No matter the origin or design of your Oriental rug, taking proper care of this work of art is not to be taken lightly. Your Oriental rug is a one of a kind original, painstakingly handcrafted by an artisan, and it deserves care and treatment in line with this heritage. It is only through the proper cleaning and maintenance of your Oriental rug that you will be able to enjoy its use for the rest of your life, and pass it on for the next generation to treasure.

Finding a generic carpet cleaning service is as easy as looking in the local phone book, but the techniques used by a generic carpet cleaning service are not appropriate for your Oriental rug. The delicate, hand woven nature of these carpets demands special care in the hands of a professional who appreciates the unique quality and craftsmanship of your carpet.

Most Oriental rugs are crafted of either wool or silk, and the usual carpet cleaner found in the phone book may recommend steam cleaning of these articles, however, this is not an appropriate way in which to clean an Oriental rug. Steam cleaning can fade, stretch, or shrink your rug. We offer an alternative that has been proven absolutely safe for your delicate Oriental rug. There will be no fading, stretching, or shrinking with our organic cleaning process which is as friendly to the environment as it is to your rug.

Our cleaning process is gentle, yet entirely effective at removing odors, stains, and dirt embedded deep within your Oriental rug. After cleaning, the colors in your Oriental rug will be as vibrant as they were when you purchased the rug, and there will be absolutely no soapy residue left behind, which means fewer stains in the future.

Do not trust your Oriental rug to just any carpet cleaning service. Rely on professionals who specialize in the care of Oriental rugs instead. There is truly no other way to guarantee the safety of your rug during the cleaning process. The service provided by a trained professional puts your mind at ease. With their help, your valuable rug will not be damaged during the cleaning process. Instead it will emerge clean, intact, elegant, and ready to beautify your home for years to come.