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SMART® Compared to Steam Cleaning. Many people have experienced one or more of these when they have had their carpets steam cleaned. The carpet looked good right after cleaning but not so good a few days later, drying time that takes hours, sometimes days, chemical and foul smells in the air, spots returning, crunchy carpet, and even carpet roll and seam splitting. SMART® eliminates all these problems by using 1/10th the amount of water as traditional steam cleaning and by using very little chemicals and absolutely no pre-sprays, carpets will stay clean longer, much longer.

SMART®‘s Unique Static-Attraction Technology Explained. SMART® (Soil Mobilization And Removal Technology ) is a process unique to SMART® Carpet that uses the power of static attraction to remove soil and residues while leaving your carpets virtually moisture free! Using a proprietary formula exclusive to SMART®, charge differential, or the natural occurrence of positive and negative charge in nature, is used to transfer soil from carpet fiber to static-attraction pads.  This process is powerful and can fully saturate a pad in less than a minute.  Each van contains over 100 of these pads and saturated pads are washed in Dexter extraction machines and re-usable for next day service.  This carpet cleaning process is Certified Deep Cleaning by the Carpet & Rug Institute

SMART® Eliminates The Hassle of Carpet Cleaning. Gone are hoses running through your front door and rooms, not being able to walk on the carpet for hours, opening windows and running fans to dry the carpet and get rid of the dank smell. With SMART®’s 30 minute drying, your house is back to normal the moment we’re done.

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Enter Your Property zip code to find the nearest SMART carpet cleaner in your area.