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How Urine Spreads

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Notice that the urine will spread 2-3 times the visible size on the top, and soak into the backing of the carpet and then through the pad into the sub-flooring.

Information about the Visible Part

  • To achieve maximum results use a spotter product specific for pet issues. SMART uses Lift Off #1 because it is highly effective and does not leave residue issues.
  • The visible part of the stain is likely to return if you use a soaking method like steam or hot water extraction due to wicking action. SMART never uses a steam or soaking method and therefore eliminates this problem.

Information about the Smelly Part

  • Urine is complex, and the smell can be affected by how long it’s been there, source/type of pet such as cat or dog, gender, foods and medications.
  • In a matter of weeks the smell can become stronger because urine decay releases ammonia gas and can decay further into mercaptan, and odor from the same family as skunk spray.
  • Carpet cleaning methods that soak the carpet/pad/sub-floor, like hot water extraction, reactivates the urine that is beyond the carpet fiber and can result in a stronger smell that can persist for a long period of time.
  • The glowing part of urine is a chemical called porphyrin which has no smell. Successful treatment often does not remove the glowing part of urine. It may be valuable to educate your tenant regarding this fact.


    Black lighting using a high intensity UV flashlight  , with confirmation using a sniff test 1” above the fiber determines severity of the problem so you know what you’re dealing with and, based on your objectives, we give you the options and our recommendation.  Our goal is for our process to be successful so that you avoid the next step which is pad replacement, sealing the sub-floor, and possibly replacing the carpet which would be a vastly higher expense.

    Smells in fiber is treated with OCA (odor counter-actant), which effectively neutralizes most pet smells. Beyond a fragrance, which dissipates in a few hours and you’re back to where you started, OCA has chemistry that will neutralize foul smells immediately on contact.  No dwell time required.

    Urine has penetrated to the backing of carpet and seeped into pad and perhaps subfloor. We apply broad-base treatment using OCA and a higher strength amount directly on the smelly fluorescents.  This category may require pad replacement in affected areas along with sealants applied to sub-flooring.

    These we call “head kickers” because when sniff tested with the nose one inch above the fiber your head will kick back!  Our product and process can have an impact in these cases but most often will require pad replacement, sealing the sub-floor and possibly replacing carpet. 

    Black Light Inspection with Photos includes UV all carpeted surfaces and confirmation with a sniff test 1” above the fiber, and documentation with UV photos that includes location, size, quantity, severity, and a recommendation. Results are included on an invoice that is sent via email. 

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