Environmentally friendly carpet cleaning has a name in Fort Collins and much of Northern Colorado — and its name is SMART® Carpet Cleaning. Whether you are seeking “green carpet cleaning,” an “eco carpet cleaning company,” or more simply are in need of a “non-toxic carpet cleaner,” the answer to all these queries is the same. Today’s post is dedicated to illuminating our readers with regards to what separates us from other carpet cleaning companies in the industry.

Spoiler alert: we go far beyond merely being eco-friendly — we’ve revolutionized the carpet cleaning field as we know it. Allow us to explain.

Static-Attraction Vs. Hot Water Extraction

Take a look at the below table to understand by how much our quick-dry method blows the steam method out of the water. In terms of drying time, water used, returning spots, musty odors, carpet waves, and seams being split, there’s little to no comparison.

Head-To-Head: Hot Water Extraction Vs. Static-Attraction Technology

Let’s take a look a the head-to-head comparison between steam carpet cleaning and our static-attraction carpet cleaning technology.

Steam Wet Method Static-Attraction Method
Drying Time Hours to Days 30 Minutes
Water Used 25 Gallons 3 Gallons
Soaked Pad Always Never
Need to Open Windows Often Never
Need to Use Fans Often Never
Returning Spots Often Never
Musty Orders Often Never
Causes Carpet Wave Often Never
Seam Splitting Often Never
Streaks and Lines Always Never
Accelerated Re-Soiling Often Never
Residue Causing Pre-Sprays Always Never
50% Decreased Carpet Life Often Never

As you can observe, the difference is marked. When you break it down piece-by-piece like we’ve done here, it’s pretty clear hot water extraction is quickly going going to become a thing of the past!


SMART® Carpet Cleaning uses high concentrates as part of our non-toxic carpet cleaning measures. This matters in terms of general sustainability in the sense that we don’t have to tote around tens or hundreds of gallons of cleaning solution to every single project. This means we can save on packaging material, transportation fuel, and the like. Broadly speaking, it means we reduce our carbon footprint in a significant way.

Water Usage

If you’ve used professional steam carpet cleaners your whole life, we can’t blame you for not going the route that is vastly superior — steam cleaning is all you know. But whether your priority lies in being environmentally-friendly or simply getting a deeper clean, you can get both with our deep carpeting cleaning which utilizes static-attraction.

Steam cleaning takes up an average of 25 gallons of water per home cleaned. For commercial complexes, that figure can easily multiply and quickly get out of control. Contrast that figure with SMART®’s average water usage of a mere 3 gallons per house. When you consider how much waste water is discharged into the environment from carpet cleaning alone, you begin to understand why we make being a green carpet cleaning company such a priority. Luckily, we don’t have to sacrifice any degree of quality to maintain our high standards.

Non-Toxic Chemicals

To remove the soil from the fibers of your carpet, we’ll use a chemical called EC-64. We figured the majority of our readers are neither chemists nor professional carpet cleaners, so that chemical’s name might not carry the weight that it does with us. More practically, this is a non-toxic, PH neutral chemical that carries no petroleum solvents or phosphates. What’s more, it’s non-toxic to both humans and aquatic life. We only use four ounces of this formula for every thousand square feet of carpet treated.

Energy Usage

We’ve established the fact that our static-attraction carpet cleaning method only takes 30 minutes to fully dry. But this is a fact that is not only convenient in nature, but eco-friendly as well. Howso? It means that we don’t need to carry around energy-sucking, industrial-strength heaters or fans, like you are apt to find with steam carpet cleaners. Heck, you don’t even need to open the windows when you go with SMART® Carpet Cleaning!

Focus On Products

Even the spotting product we use, Motsenbocker’s Lift Off, is biodegradable. It transforms into simple minerals, water, and carbon dioxide over time. For an added assurance, we are happy to report that these products have been recognized as EPA VOC Compliant, they’ve been ratified by Consumer Testing Laboratories, and have been certified as biodegradable by SCS Global Services.

Even Our Service Vehicles Are Environmentally Superior!

For icing on the cake, our service vehicles use an average of 30 percent less gas than typical service vehicles. We use project equipment that exclusively runs off of electricity, rather than kerosene or propane — an all too common practice in our industry.

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