Pets are wonderful things. They brighten our days by greeting us at the door when we come home from work, they are always on our side, and they request nothing of us other than our presence.

Well, we should say the above is true for most pets. Some pets want nothing to do with their owners, and that is fine too, of course. But whether you are the proud owner of a golden retriever or a gerbil that tries to escape three times a day, we are all presented with the need for keeping their odor and stains to a minimum.

So while we at SMART®Carpet Cleaning of Fort Collins love pets, we also love being able to help our customers get rid of pet dander, hair, urine, and odor. The first two are tolerable, mainly because they are relatively easy to clean up more often than not. But when dealing with pet urine, owners are faced with the task of dealing with an issue that can quickly seep into the fibers of the carpet, meaning it can fester underneath the surface once the waste material has made its way into the backing, padding, and subfloor.

Why Traditional Carpet Cleaning Isn’t Enough

At SMART® Carpet Cleaning, we understand that a carpet isn’t truly cleaned if all you are addressing is the carpet. What’s more, traditional, steam carpet cleaning will succeed in getting the carpet wet, which unfortunately in turn will activate the urine. This leads to the odor resurfacing, causing much stronger smells than you had to deal with prior to the steam carpet cleaning!

Contrast the above limitations with what we offer at SMART® Carpet Cleaning of Northern Colorado. Firstly, we use a deep, eco carpet cleaning method that will not get the backing, padding, or subfloor wet, meaning the urine’s scent will not be activated. Secondly, we use our OCA, an Odor Counteractant Product which is placed on the fiber. The OCA treatment dramatically impacts the smell, virtually eliminating it. On top of that, it takes no time to set in and starts to work on contact.

While OCA is effective even against moderate to severe odor situations, we remind you that the only way to truly remove all traces of pet urine is to pull up the carpet, replace the pad, and seal the subfloor. This is the unfortunate reality of the situation when it comes to pet urine soaking into the carpet. But at the very least, you have an effective, environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning solution here at SMART® Carpet Cleaning.


We use 90 percent less water than traditional steam cleaning methods. That’s only two gallons of solution to clean the average-sized house. On top of that, our drying times don’t compare to the hours and days of steam cleaning, there are no foul smells, harsh chemicals used, or accelerated re-soiling like you might get with going the old-fashioned way. Our static-attraction carpet cleaning won’t leave residues and requires no rinsing. It’s plainly superior in every way.

If you are in Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, Greeley, or the surrounding area, reach out to us for your free quote today!