Today’s post is dedicated to highlighting who is a candidate for SMART®’s deep carpet cleaning services. We’ll start it off with a short answer and then finish the post explaining what we can do for home and business owners of all sorts.

Here’s the short answer to the question, “who is a candidate for SMART® Carpet Cleaning’s services?” — everyone who wants to dramatically improve the look and genuine cleanliness of their carpet, whether your carpet is under a commercial or residential roof.

Quite simply, if you are tired of paying good money and getting less-than-satisfactory results, it’s time to learn more about SMART® Carpet Cleaning and our proprietary static-attraction formula. Our innovative method ensures that spots will not return (as is the case much of the time with traditional steam carpet cleaning), because we’ve eliminated the culprit in such cases; we don’t get the backing and pad wet, so deeply embedded stains can’t wick their way to the surface of the carpet during the drying process anymore.

What’s more, our static-attraction carpet cleaning method deeply cleanses carpeting without the hours-on-end dry times (ours takes just 30 minutes to dry!), without the use of harsh chemicals or many gallons of water (the average household takes 25 gallons of water to steam clean — we use roughly three), and is an environmentally-friendly process.

Green Carpet Cleaning

As important as it is to be environmentally conscientious with our purchases, we don’t think it’s unfair to point out that there is a stigma of sacrificing quality when electing to go the “green” route. That is, you don’t normally think of eco-friendly products or services and superior results in tandem.

It’s 2018, and it’s time for another long-standing stigma to be broken. With SMART® Carpet Cleaning and our static-attraction formula, we don’t use solvents or phosphates at all. We use only 4 ounces of solution on the average house. If we need to use a spotter for obstinate stains, all special products we use are Green Cross certified and are biodegradable.

Essentially, you don’t have to choose between being eco-friendly and getting the results your home or business needs. Check out the difference between a double steam clean and our own deep carpet cleaning to get a visual representation of what we are discussing. The difference is marked.

Fort Collins Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Say goodbye to the musty odor, the crunch of a freshly steam-cleaned carpet, and stains returning. Businesses of all kinds around Fort Collins and beyond are discovering the difference static-attraction cleaning makes. And while we certainly pride ourselves on our residential carpet cleaning services, the remainder of this post will focus on the range of industry types we frequently service. Let’s take a look at each!

Carpet Cleaning For Business Offices

If you need commercial carpet cleaning for your office, we are happy to accommodate most any schedule request you might have. If you need cleaning during the weekend, that won’t be a problem at all. If you need us to come in after-hours to perform our services, we’ve got you covered there as well. But we’d be remiss if we failed to point out the fact that our static-attraction cleaning method only takes 30 minutes to dry. Say goodbye to sectioning-off areas to let it dry sufficiently, setting up noisy industrial fans, safety cones, and lengthy, hazardous hoses running through the halls while you are trying to conduct business with an air of professionalism. 30 minutes is 30 minutes.

Senior Living Carpet Cleaning

We pride ourselves on the care we take when operating in our customers’ homes and places of business. When it comes to senior living communities, which fits both of the above descriptions, we will take extra care to be as considerate as possible while cleaning. We will do our job quickly and effectively, yes, but not at the expense of residents’ comfort. We’ll treat each of them as if they were our customers.

Hospitality Carpet Cleaning

Whether we are cleaning a retirement community or a hotel, we take a respectful, guest-like approach when we clean carpets in the hospitality industry. We are quiet, subtle, and we’ll never leave a mess. If you have special requests regarding the details of the project, simply let us know! We’ll be happy to accommodate you as much as we are able.

Real Estate Office Carpet Cleaning

Real estate agents are notoriously busy creatures, so we take that into account when performing a cleaning on a real estate office. In our experience, realtors usually need their office cleaned as soon as possible. That isn’t a problem for us at SMART® Carpet Cleaning; we’ve set up our carpet cleaning company to be as flexible with schedules as possible. We will do our very best to fit you into our schedule in a satisfactory way.

Medical Industry Carpet Cleaning

Trashed carpets are no fun. They’re time-consuming to remove and costly at that. When you are dealing with a hospital or another sizable medical facility, the prospect of completely trashing a carpet is daunting at best. SMART® saves three out of every four carpets that other professionals have recommended to go to the dumpster. Give us a call to see if you are among the 75 percent of folks who can save money while getting a carpeting “makeover” of sorts!

Landlord Carpet Cleaning

For landlord’s in need of commercial carpet cleaning in Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Johnstown, Windsor, or beyond, we ask you to consider the likelihood of increasing your ROI through enlisting our services. Our methods help you defer carpet replacing costs, just like they do for people in any industry! Again, we can salvage three out of every four carpets that have been deemed trash-worthy.

Once you experience the difference of static-attraction cleaning, we are confident you won’t be going back to the old, more costly ways! Check out our Residential Property Management Carpet Cleaning resource today!

Commercial Property Management Carpet Cleaners

The above still remains true whether you are an owner or property manager of commercial or residential units. It’s possible we can save your carpet, so what do you have to lose?

Apartment Complexes Carpet Cleaning

We also understand the importance of a quick turnaround. Perhaps no other industry needs carpet cleaning services within specific time-windows like apartment complexes. If you would like a demonstration as to what “actually clean” means, we’d be happy to give you one, no strings attached! Once you’ve witnessed the marked difference for yourself, we are close to certain you’ll elect to go the way of static-attraction.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning

As you can tell, we are experienced carpet cleaners that can help out a variety of business types. Not only will we help businesses save money in the long-run (through our superior cleaning), but our rates are affordable as well. We do one thing and we do a very good job of it here at SMART® Carpet Cleaning of Fort Collins — provide eco-carpet cleaning for homes and businesses that are ready to experience what actually clean looks and feels like.

Say goodbye to the crunch, spots returning, chemicals, and a ridiculous amount of water being used, and say hello to SMART® Carpet Cleaning. Get your free quote today!