We are SMART® Carpet Cleaning. To us, that name is more than just a brand or a company, it represents an entire shift in the industry which we’ve been involved in since the early 1990s.

Let’s rewind to the early 1990s. Those of us who were there from the beginning will remember that SMART® static-attraction carpet cleaning was born out of necessity, which as well all know is the mother of invention. The necessity itself was that traditional steam carpet cleaning simply wasn’t getting the job done. Sure, steam cleaning could get rid of dirt by flushing hundreds of gallons of water through the system, but the solution was far from complete or satisfactory. Among the laundry list of problems we found people had with steam cleaning was bad smells, the unwanted use of harsh chemicals in homes or places of business, spots returning much more quickly than they should, accelerated re-soiling shortly after the clean, the development of carpet waves, not to mention drying times of multiple hours or even days.

Another significant drawback of steam carpet cleaning can be found in the form of residue. While the residue in question probably won’t show up right after the cleaning, the murky residue will show up in a few days. This residue is often the culprit involved in reattracting soil. Steam carpet cleaning doesn’t rinse out the carpet which means that much of the cleaning solution will remain within the fibers of the carpeting. At SMART® Carpet Cleaning, we often spend 50 percent of our time working on removing residue left behind from other carpet cleaning methods.

A Market Opportunity

Thus, there existed an opportunity for significant improvement in this industry. We wanted to formulate a carpet cleaning method that dramatically reduces the use of water. In fact, we were able to create a sustainable carpet cleaning method that uses 90 percent less water than traditional treatments. We also wanted to use a process that does away with the need for rinsing in the first place.

Guess what? We did exactly what we set out to do! SMART® Carpet Cleaning uses static-attraction to successfully remove soil from carpet fibers. While our static-attraction formula is proprietary in nature, the technology has applications in a range of industries. Examples of these applications include dust sweepers that “grab” dust, static-attraction air filters, and even clothing which uses the technology to accelerate sweat removal to keep athletes dry and cool!


Would you believe that only 4 ounces of our carpet cleaning solution are required to completely clean the average house? Believe it! That’s why we can call ourselves an eco-friendly carpet cleaning company. And keep in mind, while we’ve revolutionized the carpet cleaning industry with our proprietary, static-attraction formula, we’ve evolved in the recent past as well. We now provide other services which include full-carpet restoration on trashed out carpets, removing wine stains with a special formula, and a specialized pet urine and odor cleaning service.

If you are in need of an affordable and effective carpet cleaning in your home or at your place of business, get your free quote from SMART® Carpet Cleaning today!