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Deep Cleaning Results with Zero Disruption to Your Life

Never again will you have to wait many hours or even days for your carpets to dry while keeping windows open or having bulky fans running throughout. Businesses never need to shut down parts of their facility, and homeowners don’t need to evacuate their home for hours and hours. Because we use 90% less water, carpets can be walked on immediately and are usually dry within about 30 minutes.

Smart Carpet Cleaning doesn’t use any hoses so you’ll never have to worry about that bulky tripping hazard. This also allows us to easily service areas like high rise buildings that tethered steam cleaning companies cannot.

Have you ever been annoyed when your carpet cleaning company asks to use your sink or tub to fill their water tanks? It’s a non-issue with Smart Carpet Cleaning! We never need access to a water source; we bring the small amount of water needed to clean your carpets with us in our formula jugs. All we need is access to an electric wall outlet to make the carpet cleaning magic happen!

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Enter Your Property zip code to find the nearest SMART carpet cleaner in your area.