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Green and Sustainable



The primary chemical used in the Soil Transfer process, EC-64 Static-Attraction Carpet Cleaner, is non-toxic to humans and aquatic life. No petroleum solvents or phosphates used. PH neutral.

Minimal Amount Used
SMART® uses only 6 ounces of its proprietary static-attraction formula to clean an average house.
No concentrated pre-sprays are ever used, thus minimizing residues in the carpet.


Energy savings
With our eco-friendly carpet cleaning services, there’s no need to turn on heaters, open windows, or use ventilation systems to dry out the carpet. Carpets are dry using SMART® within 30 minutes with windows closed. 

Fuel Savings
’s service vehicles use about 30% less fuel that the average industry service vehicle. In addition, no fuel such as propane or kerosene is required in our process to run equipment. Our equipment uses only electricity.


Landfill Waste Reduced
SMART® uses high concentrates. This saves on packaging material, saves on shipping fuel, and requires less storage space and produces less solid waste in landfills.

Carpet Replacement Rate Reduced
Rather than replacing “Trashed out” carpet, SMART®’s process can often restore the carpet and therefore reduce the consumption rate of carpet. And because the cleaning process never gets the backing of the carpet, or pad and subfloor wet, carpet life is extended 50% or more.

Indoor Air Quality Impact
High indoor humidity creates an environment for molds, mildew, and bacteria to grow. SMART®’s ultra low moisture process completely eliminates this concern.


Water Conservation:
30 Gallons with traditional carpet cleaning method (per 1000 sq ft) compared to 3 Gallons with SMART®

Cleaner Environment
Our eco-friendly carpet cleaning services ensure no discharge of untreated dirty waste water into the environment.

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Enter Your Property zip code to find the nearest SMART carpet cleaner in your area.