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Green Carpet Cleaning Fort Collins

“Have used them multiple times each year over the last 6 or 7 years to ready my rental homes between tenants. The normal cleaning jobs always have an outstanding result. In some of the worst cases, they have performed miracles which extended the life of my carpets. Not having to replace carpet is a huge advantage to my bottom line. Also their method allows much quicker move in, important when the new tenant is on standby to start moving in. Beautiful results without the wet, stinky drying times required by other cleaning companies. I use them exclusively and plan to continue.” – Chuck Z., Five Stars, Google SMART® Carpet Care Reviews

A Superior Clean

As Chuck has attested above, SMART®’s non-toxic, green carpet cleaning of Fort Collins and beyond can make a massive impact for folks looking for house or commercial carpet cleaners. As flattering as it is to hear words like “performed miracles” in a testimonial about your local carpet cleaning company, the bottom line is that we provide tangibly superior carpet cleaning services because our method is pioneering. Far from miracle-workers, we simply don’t buy that steam carpet cleaning is the best way to perform professional, eco carpet cleaning.

This is the 21st-century, and as such you have options that show up on your favorite search engine when you type in something to the effect of “carpet cleaning near me”. Whether you are in Loveland, Greeley, Fort Collins, Laporte, Evans, Wellington, Windsor, or beyond, we want to be among the professional carpet cleaning companies you consider. We are static-attraction carpet cleaners, which essentially means we’ve thrown the old, traditional carpet cleaning steam method out the window in favor of technology that is more effective and environmentally friendly at that. People might call it “green dry carpet cleaning”, a “non-toxic carpet cleaner”, “static-attraction carpet cleaner” or have another expression for the general idea we are promoting, but the long and short of our method is that we have a proprietary formula which allows us to be sustainable while providing folks with the most effective commercial carpet cleaning process on the market.

Eco Carpet Cleaning

Let’s take a look at some of the specific ways in which we undertake our “green clean carpet cleaning” process. It’s one thing for a company that provides professional carpet cleaning services to talk about how they are different from the rest, but we can actually show you. And by that, we don’t merely mean describing the details of our deep carpet cleaning process, but, rather, we will go out to your house or place of business and show you the environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning difference you can get with SMART®. You can request a free demo and a free quote all in one fell swoop, as we’ll drive out to you! Many people can’t quite comprehend the practical difference our methods will make in their home or apartment complexes until they can see it for themselves. At SMART® Carpet Cleaning of Northern Colorado, we’ll come on out to you so that you can start to picture what you’ve been living without for no good reason at all!

Reduced Water Usage

Folks who elect to stick with the archaic steam cleaning method might not be pleased to learn that the water usage of said method is fairly extreme when contrasted with our deep carpeting cleaner. For every thousand square feet, steam cleaners use an average of 25 gallons of water. With SMART®, that number is reduced to a reasonable 3 gallons of water given the same square footage. Likewise, we can provide our customers with assurances of a cleaner environment when compared with our competition; there’s no discharge of contaminated waste water into the ecosystem.


We call ourselves a sustainable carpet cleaning company for multiple reasons. Perhaps chief among them is that SMART® Carpet Cleaning uses high concentrates. Our non-toxic formula is powerful enough that we don’t need to lug gallons upon gallons of it to every project site. Hence, we save on shipping fuel, packaging material, and generally make less of a “footprint” in our day-to-day operations.

Another factor is that our eco carpet cleaning formula is also biodegradable. Motsenbocker’s Lift Off, our main spotter product, is Green Cross Certified. Motsenbocker’s Lift Off naturally degrades into simple minerals, water, and carbon dioxide, so no one needs to worry about where dangerous chemicals might be seeping into when it comes to our environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning.

Indoor air quality impact is not something to be ignored either. When folks elect to go with steam cleaning, the high-indoor humidity created makes for a microclimate that promotes mildew, bacteria, and even dangerous molds to grow and thrive. To some degree, these steam carpet cleaning companies will usually attempt to dry your home out with fans, heaters, and open windows. But that isn’t nearly sufficiently thorough in the majority of cases, as moisture can be trapped in a variety of nooks and crannies in one’s house. Conversely, SMART®’s ultra-low-moisture process entirely eliminates this potential issue.

Energy Use

Yet another contributor to our green carpet cleaning technique is our reduced energy use. As we mentioned above, traditional steam cleaners will have to utilize industrial heaters, open windows, and use advanced ventilation systems to accelerate the carpet drying process. Obviously, using this much energy is costly, and who would you guess gets stuck with the bill in most every case? It’s the homeowner or the business owner, clearly.  

In light of this, our eco carpet cleaning methods do not require expensive drying equipment. When you opt with SMART®, your carpet will be dry within 30 minutes – and that’s with the windows closed! That’s the kind of practical difference-maker we offer here at SMART® Carpet Cleaning. You won’t have to vacate your house for the weekend, and, likewise, your energy bill won’t scare you half to death either!

Our Service Vehicles

As you can no doubt already tell, from top to bottom at SMART®, we’ve made a concerted effort to be an environmentally-friendly carpet cleaner. Yet another example of these efforts can be found in the fuel savings our vehicles provide us. Our service vehicles use right around 30 percent less fuel than the average industry service vehicle. Relatedly, our equipment is run off of electricity alone, as opposed to the propane or kerosene requisites that most carpet cleaners must use.

As if the above wasn’t enough to convince you that we are the top all green carpet cleaning provider out there, allow us to punctuate our case with the certifications our spotter products have received.

  • “Certified Biodegradable” by SCS Global Services, noting that our spotter breaks down into carbon dioxide, minerals and water, as we noted above.
  • Consumer Testing Laboratories have approved of our spotter’s quality.
  • The EPA has deemed our spotter “VOC Compliant”, meaning it has little to no volatile organic compounds. While we are aware some VOCs can be harmful to both humans and the environment, that is why we’ve striven to be a reliable, environmentally-conscious carpet cleaning company that folks in Fort Collins can count on.

Fort Collins Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Folks choose SMART® as their commercial carpet cleaners primarily because we are more effective. Not only will we get your carpet cleaner from the moment you lay eyes on the finished work, but it will remain clean longer. As Chuck attested in his glowing testimonial above, we’ve been able to extend the life of his carpets on multiple occasions. “Not having to replace a carpet is a huge advantage to my bottom line”, says Chuck. We consistently are able to salvage carpets that others have deemed “trashed-out”. The bottom line is that our eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods won’t fry your carpet out too quickly, they won’t leave your carpet “crunchy”, and there won’t be that strange, funky, musty odor after we’ve left. Your carpet will be as clean as it has perhaps ever been – and it will smell and look like it too!

Let’s take a look at some of the most common industries that require our commercial carpet cleaning services.

Hospitality Carpet Cleaning

Some say hospitality carpet cleaning, others say carpet cleaning for hotels. Regardless, we are convenience-minded when it comes to this type of project. We’ll do our best to fit our schedule around yours, as we understand that it’s vital to be as quiet and subtle as possible. We’ll work with you to formulate a strategy that will cause little to no disturbance for your guests while still cleaning your carpets to our own, internal high standards.

Senior Living Carpet Cleaning

In the same way, we provide retirement center carpet cleaning services with your residents in mind. We have a job to do, yes, but that doesn’t mean we won’t treat your residents like they were our own customers. That’s just another way we attempt to separate ourselves from the competition at Fort Collins’s top-rated carpet cleaning company.

Business Office Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to office carpet cleaning professionals, we believe we should be high on your list. In addition to being flat-out more effective than other methods, we simply provide our customers with service when you need it. After business hours? Check. Need commercial carpet cleaning on the weekends so we don’t disrupt your work-flow? Double check. Plus, with our 30-minute drying process, you don’t have to worry about the aftermath. There’s no courting off office areas, no safety cones, and no obnoxious hoses running down hallways while you are attempting to conduct business.

Medical Industry Carpet Cleaning

You might already know that “trashed carpet” can be a massive expenditure. The replacement cost can be surprising, especially when you have the square footage of a hospital or sizable medical facility to consider. What you may not know is that SMART® saves three out of four carpets that have been deemed unsalvageable by other professionals.

And in case you are wondering about the frequency of getting your medical facility’s carpet cleaned, we would say that the wise words of one Benjamin Franklin are applicable here. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Yes, SMART® can “bring back a carpet from the dead” in many cases, but if you are in doubt, don’t risk it. Give us a call for your free quote.

Real Estate Office Carpet Cleaning

Real estate agents are some of the busiest people we work with, so we take that into account when providing real estate office carpet cleaning services. When a realtor needs their office’s carpet cleaned, they usually need it done ASAP. Luckily, we are flexible and efficient, so we can usually fit you in within a time-frame that satisfies you. In the same way, realtors often need a house or condo’s carpet cleaned – and cleaned fast. We’ve got you covered there as well.

Landlord Carpet Cleaning

Plain and simple, our green carpet cleaning of Fort Collins increases landlord’s ROI. We help you defer replacement costs, and our methods won’t pump an excess amount of water through your carpet. That can often lead to the water seeping into the subfloor, pad, or even baseboards from wet carpet cleaning. At SMART®, we’ll take the time to listen to what your specific objectives and needs are, so that we can develop an actionable plan that your tenants and bank account will both love! If you are interested in our Residential Property Management Carpet Cleaning, give us a call and we can discuss what we can do for your business!

Apartment Complexes Carpet Cleaning

Need to turn your apartments around in a time-efficient manner? We invite you to see what “actually clean” means for apartment complexes by letting the results speak for themselves. Give us a chance to perform a demonstration, and you’ll quickly fall in love with our effectiveness, attention to detail, and time-efficient process. Plus, we are one of the most affordable carpet cleaners around.

Commercial Property Management Carpet Cleaners

Check out these examples of the difference SMART® carpet treatment can make on a variety of commercial carpeting types. Whether you are needing service for a run-down, ugly office carpeting or you are a commercial property manager who has a unit with a carpeting so trashed that you can’t seem to recall its original hue, give the commercial carpet cleaning professionals a call.

We Do One Thing, And We Do It Well

We clean carpets effectively and in a sustainable, green manner. We save our customers money and leave their carpeting cleaner than they’ve perhaps ever been. Our aim is to turn first-time customers into life-long clients here at our green carpet cleaning company of Fort Collins. If you find yourself along the Northern Colorado Front Range and are in need of commercial or house carpet cleaners, get your free quote today!

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