Smart Carpet Cleaning

How carpet cleaning
was meant to be!

Find Out What Makes Us SO SMART

For many years carpet cleaning has meant choosing between deep cleaning with a lot of wet carpet related negative side effects,
or a lower moisture method with quicker dry times but that didn’t achieve best results. Smart’s breakthrough in carpet cleaning
technology achieves both deep cleaning AND excellent results with only 30 minutes of drying time. But you don’t have to take our
word for it. Smart’s proprietary carpet cleaning system was tested by an Independent Laboratory and achieved deep cleaning while causing no harm to fiber. Smart Carpet Cleaning is Changing the way people think about carpet cleaning!

Redefining what
Deep Cleaning Means

Deep cleaning does not have to mean deep soaking! It may surprise you to learn that carpet backing and the material underneath are not meant to be soaked with large amounts of water. Smart Carpet Cleaning’s breakthrough is we have achieved deep cleaning results without getting moisture underneath where it doesn’t belong. Because we use 90% less water than traditional methods, carpets can be walked on immediately.

Zero Disruption

Smart’s proprietary process uses no hoses, drying fans, loud machinery, or many gallons of water. Our system uses only clean electricity and needs no water supply. Disruption is so minimal that even in commercial settings like hotels and senior care facilities areas never have to be shut down or restricted.

We clean carpets and nothing else -
Masters of Carpet Cleaning!

Were dialed in! Our field crews don’t have to learn a slew of other cleaning tasks, like upholstery, tile, stone and grout, hardwood floor, or dryer vent cleaning. Carpet cleaning can be complex and difficult to do correctly. Our singular focus on carpet cleaning means we achieve better results and in less time. And we train and use best practices on speciality issues like all things pet related, bright color stain removal, and restoring trashed out carpets.

See What Smart Carpet Cleaning Looks Like