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Redefining What Deep Cleaning Means

Redefining what Deep Cleaning Means

Most people are familiar with a method called “hot water extraction” or “Steam Cleaning”, which uses an astonishing amount of water. As an example, to clean a 1,000 sq. ft. area using hot water extraction, you would need up to 50 gallons of water!

This much water can be damaging to your carpet, padding, and subfloor, and comes with many negative side effects like foul smells, spots that return too quickly, and, most annoyingly, having to wait hours or even days for your carpet to dry!

Smart Carpet Cleaning’s breakthrough changes all of that.

SMART® (Soil Mobilization And Removal Technology ) is a low-moisture process unique to Smart Carpet that uses the power of static attraction to remove soil and residues while leaving your carpets virtually moisture free! Using a proprietary formula exclusive to Smart, charge differential  (the occurrence of positive and negative charge in nature) is used to transfer soil from carpet fiber to static-attraction pads. This powerful and rapid soil-removing process can fully saturate a pad in less than a minute. We arrive with hundreds of pads, enabling us to quickly deep clean and remove the soil from your carpet.

Equally important is the issue of residues. Residues are caused by bad formulas and using too much cleaning product. Residues and wet carpet are what makes carpets re-soil quickly. Smart Carpet Cleaning solved this issue with a proprietary cleaning formula that was independently tested and shown to leave no residues. Our process also uses very little cleaning solution; only 6 oz are needed to clean an entire home! This unique approach means that your carpets stay looking clean much longer.

We call ourselves Smart because we have smarter solutions!

Smart Carpet provides effective deep cleaning results while using 90% less water than traditional methods, which eliminates all of the negatives customers have had to put up with for so many decades.

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