At SMART® Carpet Cleaning of Northern Colorado, we have a passion for spreading the good news about our revolutionary approach to carpet cleaning. Believe us, the news is good — our proprietary static-attraction formula uses a fraction of the water that traditional carpet cleaning uses, not to mention the essential fact that it provides a superior, deeper clean.

We provide both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services to folks throughout Northern Colorado. We are based out of Windsor, but we have no trouble making our way over to Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Timnath, and pretty much everywhere in between along the Northern Colorado Front Range!

We could talk about how much we love living in Northern Colorado until we are blue in the face — it would be tough to find a better place to call home. However, we have a promised blog topic to get to. Keep reading if you are interested in familiarizing yourself with our static-attraction, deep carpet cleaning methods that we provide here at SMART® Carpet Cleaning!

What Comprises Our Carpet Cleaning Service

Let’s start with some basics. We utilize a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) rated vacuuming service combined with a perimeter edging process. These two approaches work in tandem to reach every spot with an effective spotter product which will not leave residues. We utilize our static-attraction carpet cleaning method to fundamentally remove soil. We finish our service with a carpet grooming treatment.

Our system uses 3 gallons of water on the average house, whereas steam carpet cleaning takes around 25 gallons. That difference is marked. What’s more, homeowners and business owners do not have to worry about fleeing the premises for a weekend or shutting down the shop for days on end because the carpet needs time to dry.

Get this: our drying time is 30 minutes. You can go grab a coffee and be back with a spotless, residue-free carpet. Plus, you won’t be left with any unwanted chemical odors or spots returning in a matter of a few days like you might find with other carpet cleaning methods.

Let’s Talk About Spots

First, we’ll explain what you should do immediately after a spill, just so our readers are as prepared as possible. For drink spills that are concerning because of the color of the beverage, such as with wine or coffee, it’s important to immediately clean up the spill. Get a clean towel, blot the spill, wet the towel with a conservative amount of water, and continue to blot.

If you want to be as prepared as possible, which of course you should be, we recommend our Lift-Off #1 spotter. This spotter won’t set a stain, won’t leave any residue, and likewise it won’t make the spot where the stain would have been a shade lighter than the original carpet hue. Using the wrong carpet spotter has ramifications besides simply not doing the job of cleaning up the spot stain — using the wrong chemical formula can actually lock in the stain forever. Motsenbocker’s Lift-Off #1 Spotter won’t lock in stains, requires no rinsing, is easy to use, and is Green Cross Certified. What’s more, it will break down into water, carbon dioxide, and simple minerals over time!

Spots Returning After Carpet Cleaning

The simple answer, and the true one, is that spot returning after getting your carpet cleans means that your carpet wasn’t well cleaned in the first place. The longer answer isn’t that long at all, it’s just that leftover spills that have been hanging around on the pad and the base level of the carpet can get wet again after a traditional steam cleaning. With long drying times comes the spots wicking their way back to the top of the carpet, whereby they become as visible as ever.

Contrast that all-too-common scenario with what SMART®’s static-attraction carpet cleaning has to offer. Our method will never get the backing wet, so we don’t awaken any sleeping giants as part of our process!

How To Remove Candle Wax From Carpeting

While we are talking about spots and stains, we might as well offer up some sage-like industry advice for folks looking for carpet cleaning tips. If you have ever wondered if there is an easy way to remove candle wax, we have some more good news for you — yes, there is. All you need is a wet towel, a spray bottle filled with water, and an iron. No hammers are required for this operation, don’t worry.

Simply spray the affected area with water, put a wet (yet wrung-out) towel over the wax, and put the hot iron on steam setting before applying it to the towel. Wait around ten seconds and you’ll find that the wax has mostly dissolved. Wipe up any remains with the towel, and then repeat as needed. You should be good to go after that! However, if the candle wax was colored, you’ll need special methods to get that color out, more often than not. Give us a call if you are stuck!

What Does Static-Attraction Carpet Cleaning Involve?

Excellent question. First of all, there is no static charge left within the carpet after cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about getting shocked upon re-entering your home! Secondly, the static-attraction method has been used since 1991 on both commercial and residential carpets. It’s been used in all environments — coastal regions, deserts, mountains, and others. It also works on any kind of carpet, be it synthetic or natural. No matter the kind of carpet in question, our process will never damage carpet. The factor that most often damages carpet fiber is the dry soil that stays in the carpet. This soil grinds the fiber when pressure is applied to it, whether by foot traffic or from the weight of furniture.

Our removal process at SMART® Carpet Cleaning involves using vacuuming with a Dyson vacuum in order remove dry soil. The static-attraction formula takes away the leftover soil which is obstinately still sticking to the fiber. The treatment is a gentle one, not needing to use scorching-hot water or super-pressurized jet to get the job done. While other methods might incorporate harsh chemicals or so much cleaning solution that it makes your carpet crunchy after its dried, our deep carpet cleaning method respects the condition and integrity of your carpet.

Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game between removing soil particles and leaving your carpet fried. People in Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, Greeley, and throughout the country are coming to understand that SMART® Carpet Cleaning is far and away the best choice.

Your Colorado Carpet Cleaners

We are proud of serving our communities with high-quality carpet cleaning services. We provide services to a wide variety of commercial industries in addition to home carpet cleaning. If you represent a senior living community, a hotel, a business office, an apartment complex, or another venue in need of deep carpet cleaning, reach out to us today for your free quote.

We’d love for you to be able to experience the SMART® difference first-hand. We are confident that you’ll be completely satisfied with our services that you’ll never go back to the antiquated, steam cleaning methods of the past. Contact us today!