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“They Were Professional And Did A Fantastic Job”

“Truly the best carpet cleaning service! I didn’t want to deal with “wet” carpets and hours of letting them dry before I could let the dog in. When I read up on the service that Smart Carpet Cleaning offered, I figured I’d give it a try. I’m so glad I did! They were professional and did a fantastic job. The carpets were so clean and smelled heavenly. The best part, no wet carpets! I won’t hesitate to use them again and I highly recommend them.” – Kathy H., Five Stars, Smart Carpet Care Google Reviews

SMART® Carpet Cleaning began in the early 90s with a simple mission – to revolutionize the carpet cleaning industry in an irrefutable way. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and in this case, necessity was characterized by the shortcomings of traditional carpet cleaning methods. We’d like to tell you why folks looking for Fort Collins carpet cleaning services should choose SMART® Carpet Cleaning.

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What Is Wrong With Traditional Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning, while certainly serving its primary purpose to remove soil using water, is not without its drawbacks. Among them is the fact that it takes many hours – or even a few days – to dry, spots often return, carpet waves can develop, unpleasant smells can emerge, and the use of harsh chemicals in their residence is not an attractive proposition for many homeowners. Another massive industry we’d be remiss if we went without mentioning is the residue factor. When you get traditional commercial carpet cleaning at your place of business or home carpet cleaning in your residence, you don’t usually notice residues directly after the cleaning. But after the days and weeks go by, you might begin to notice a murky hue in your once-pristine carpet. This is surprisingly common when using steam carpet cleaning methods. This is because this practice doesn’t typically involve a rinsing process. We would compare that to applying shampoo in your hair and then walking around all day without rinsing it out. It’s just illogical, plain and simple. In our experience, we’ve seen this problem become so pervasive that we often spend half of our time trying to remedy this issue before we can get to work with our revolutionary carpet cleaning method.

We could say more about the myriad of negatives associated with steam carpet cleaning, but we’d like to focus on the improvement we’ve made to the industry rather than being stuck in the past!

Enter SMART® Carpet Cleaning

SMART® Carpet Cleaning is quickly becoming the number one carpet cleaning company along the Front Range of Northern Colorado and beyond, because we’ve flat-out changed the game. The thing is, many people don’t realize the insufficiencies of the old-way until they see the light. Allow us to shed said light.

Our Carpet Cleaning Method Uses 90 Percent Less Water!

Our initial aim here at SMART® was to offer folks the opportunity to get their carpet cleaned using an ample 90 percent less water than steam carpet cleaning. We wanted to develop a process that removed the need to rinse out cleaning products and/or soil deposited deep within the fibers of a carpet. We accomplished this by formulating a proprietary formula which harnesses the power of static electricity and attraction. Much like static-powered air filtration or clothing which wicks away sweat using static attraction, our formula successfully removes soil and other debris from carpets without the excessive use of water. In fact, the SMART® process uses an average of two gallons of solution for the average house. When compared to what hot water carpeting cleaning takes to get the job done, we find that juxtaposition staggering.

Fast-forward a few years, and our SMART® Carpet Cleaning formula is helping more and more folks in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, and beyond. Not only can we beat steam cleaning methods head-to-head but our capability has improved to handle once-hopeless jobs such as full-carpet restoration, removing colored stains from wine or coffee, and a specific method for addressing pet stain and odor removing service. If you are looking for carpet cleaning for pets, we’ve got you covered at  SMART® Carpet Cleaning of Fort Collins.

The Benefits Are Many

We’ve listed the general theory of why SMART® Carpet Cleaning services are superior to traditional methods, but the benefits go beyond simply being more effective and using less water. Let’s take a look at the many advantage our deep carpet cleaning services have to offer folks of Northern Colorado. And for the visually-inclined, check out the stark contrast seen here.

Head-To-Head: Hot Water Extraction Vs. Static-Attraction Technology

Let’s take a look a the head-to-head comparison between steam carpet cleaning and our static-attraction carpet cleaning technology.

Steam Wet Method Static-Attraction Method
Drying Time Hours to Days 30 Minutes
Water Used 25 Gallons 3 Gallons
Soaked Pad Always Never
Need to Open Windows Often Never
Need to Use Fans Often Never
Returning Spots Often Never
Musty Orders Often Never
Causes Carpet Wave Often Never
Seam Splitting Often Never
Streaks and Lines Always Never
Accelerated Re-Soiling Often Never
Residue Causing Pre-Sprays Always Never
50% Decreased Carpet Life Often Never

As you can observe, the difference is marked. When you break it down piece-by-piece like we’ve done here, it’s pretty clear hot water extraction is quickly going going to become a thing of the past!

Leaders In Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Whether you are looking for carpet cleaning in Fort Collins, Greeley, Laporte, Evans, Loveland, or even Wellington, CO, you are likely interested in finding a home carpet cleaner that is green and sustainable in multiple ways. And no, we don’t vaguely throw out those terms because it’s trendy and people like to see them; we do it because it’s true. Specifics:

  • Non-toxic chemicals – the primary chemical we use in the Soil Transfer Process of our static attraction carpet cleaner is called EC-64. While that likely doesn’t mean much to you, the fact that it’s non-toxic to humans and aquatic life might mean a bit more. It is PH neutral and uses no phosphates or petroleum solvents. Even still, we only use a minimal amount in our deep carpet cleaning process – 4 ounces of our formula for every thousand square feet of carpet.
  • Energy efficiency – in contrast to steam cleaning, there is no need for heaters, opening windows, or the use of energy-zapping ventilation systems to accelerate the drying process. Your carpet will be dry after 30 minutes – even with the windows closed. That’s the kind of practical difference deep carpet cleaning can make. No need to reschedule your day or week just to get your carpets the cleanest they have ever been! To put the cherry on top, we’ll provide you with service when you need it. Whether it’s after 9-to-5 business hours or on the weekend, we’ll do our best to work around your schedule.
  • Water use – we’ve touched on this above, but here are the details; traditional carpet cleaning requires 25 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet of carpet space. With SMART®, we require three. This leads to a cleaner environment, in large part because there is no dirty discharge of waste water deposited into the environment, as opposed to the old way of professional carpet cleaning.
  • Sustainable – instead of replacing old, disgusting carpets with brand new carpeting, we can restore “trashed out” carpets when the competition can’t. This leads to less landfill waste. Another way we reduce landfill waste is by using high concentrates in our formula, which saves on shipping fuel, packaging materials, and the like.
  • Biodegradable – Our primarily used spotter product, Motsenbocker’s Lift Off, is biodegradable in its transformation into simple minerals, carbon dioxide, and water. Our spotter products have been recognized as EPA VOC Compliant, Certified Biodegradable by SCS Global Services, and has been ratified by Consumer Testing laboratories.

Suffice it to say that we are the leaders in eco-friendly carpet cleaning!

Carpet Cleaning For Pets

Let’s talk about pets. We love pets of all kinds, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come with their fair share of baggage – namely, pet urine. Dander and hair can be tolerated by most and usually isn’t too much trouble to clean up if you find yourself in a productive mood, but pet urine is a different story altogether. The issue is that urine for dogs, cats, and other pets quickly goes beyond the fibers of the carpet, seeping into the backing, padding, and subfloor. That’s far from an ideal scenario, but is one that many of us have found ourselves left to deal with.

Traditional carpet cleaning will only exacerbate the issue, as the steam pumped into the dried waste will activate the substance, causing it to give off a most unpleasant odor. That’s why we here at SMART® use our special formula for issues like this. Our Odor-Counter-Actant Product, or OCA, works specifically to eliminate the smell. It doesn’t take hours to make an impact either; it makes a difference immediately on impact. Our OCA pet and odor remover doesn’t get the affected areas wet, but goes to work to largely eliminate the protrusive smell. OCA does the trick for most moderate and serious pet urine odor problems.

Thus, we get to the root of the issue without costing our customers a would-be costly expenditure in pulling up the carpet, replacing the pad, and sealing the subfloor. That’s just another way we make the case for our being the best carpet cleaners in Fort Collins and beyond!

Who Isn’t A Fan Of Saving Money?

Here’s a tangible way our deep carpet cleaning technique can save you money; SMART® saved three out of every 4 carpets considered irreplaceable by other carpet cleaning companies. As many of us know, trashed carpet is a substantial expense.

Likewise, we save our customers money by providing them with genuine deep-cleans of their carpets. Instead of leaving your carpet crunchy, having stains quickly return, and being left with a strange, musty odor, we’ll make sure your carpet is as clean as the day it was installed – likely cleaner. That’s the kind of carpet cleaning company we are at SMART® of Northern Colorado.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Experts

We obviously provide professional house carpet cleaning services to Fort Collins and beyond, but how about our commercial carpet cleaning services? We provide our static carpet cleaning services for commercial entities in fields ranging from hospitality, senior living, business offices, medical offices, real estate brokers, rental owners, and apartment complexes, to residential property management and commercial property management.

Irrespective as to which category you fall into (or perhaps yours isn’t listed), business owners enlist us for commercial carpet cleaning services largely for the same reasons our other customers do – it’s more effective and saves you on the bottom line. But for many folks, the 30-minute drying and generally quick turnaround time is a huge factor while they are making their decision about which local carpet cleaning company they should choose. Being able to complete a sizable project in a senior living community or a hotel over a weekend isn’t something to be ignored.

We Issue You A Challenge

If you want to see what your carpets look like when they are actually clean, perhaps for the first time ever, we are prepared to offer you a complimentary demo so you can visualize what the SMART® difference is really about. Sure, it’s easy to see a few photos, read a few graphs, and think to yourself you might try that out sometime in the future, but we believe that SHOWING you will compel you to never go back to the old-fashioned way of doing things.

Really, we’ll drive out and give you a demo, free of charge. We’ll clean up to three areas in your home, and leave the choice to you. We won’t pressure you into making a decision or anything “salesy” – don’t worry. We let the results speak for themselves. While we are at it, we’ll also provide you with a free measurement and estimate.

Looking for a Fort Collins carpet cleaning company that can dramatically impact how you feel about your home or place of business? Get a free quote from SMART® Carpet Cleaning today!